Sunday, February 18, 2018

Artistry In Ice

Today I am starting with the finished pairs ice sculptures, sheltered here in Confederation Park, bringing together teams of carvers from around the world. I have more of them tomorrow, and plan on finishing the Winterlude series with my views of them lit up at night.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Olympic Spirit

Traditionally in this particular part of Confederation Park, the largest of the ice sculptures is placed. Such is the case this year, and you've seen it in my first post. This being an Olympics year, the sculpture incorporates the two South Korean mascots, Soohorang and Bandabi, into the ice. 

Here is another one of the smaller sculptures, with the bear's lap providing a seat for anyone who wants to pose. These are particularly well lit at night, which I'll show you down the line.

This is an art installation- lost mittens, encased in ice. These blocks were just being placed as I went through.

This has been set up for photo ops here as well. With the Olympics on, people can pose on a medal platform. Nearby, the South Korean embassy has put up a display on the Olympics, with the mascots around regularly. The CBC has television screens in here as well with the Games being broadcast.

The European Union commissioned this set of sculptures marking our relationship and the fight against climate change.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Ice Sculptures

Large and smaller ice sculptures are carved in advance of Winterlude out in the open in Confederation Park, and usually one of them will be one like this, with the name of the festival in English and French.

This is another one of the large ice sculptures out in the open air, erected on behalf of the Museum of Nature, depicting a butterfly.

I showed you some days back another ice sculpture of a horse and rider in a harness race set. This wall is beside it, encasing images in the ice. In 1979, there were harness races on the ice of the Rideau Canal during the first Winterlude, a nod back to the 19th century, when harness racing was done on the Canal's frozen surface. A period photograph of the race is on the left, while on the right, some of the riders are shown with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his sons at the time. Our current PM, Justin Trudeau, was seven at the time, and is the oldest of the three boys. I wonder if that image came from the PM himself.

Here are some of the smaller ice sculptures, each carved with a bench or a sitting place, ideal for photo ops, especially at night when they're lit up.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Work In Progress

I have more of the ice sculptures in progress today, from the pairs area. I enjoy watching this part of the process, as well as seeing the finished work.

I'll leave off for today with this. It is a Winterlude tradition to have an art installation or more in the park. This year it is this work called Face, a collaborative work by three artists: Thomas Voillaume, Florian Girardot, and Guillaume Etienne. It's larger than life, as you can see, and the artistry of it comes out at night, when the shape of the panels become the canvas for projected animated light. I'll be showing you that later on in the series.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Sculptors At Work

I left off yesterday's post with the ice sculptures outside the Lord Elgin Hotel. A short walk away is the Chateau Laurier, one of the other official hotels for Winterlude. Ice sculptures can also be found at its front entrance.

Back into Confederation Park, I have views first of some of the solo ice sculpture carvers at work. Carvers work over the course of the first weekend, using hydraulic lifts to move around the pre-fabricated blocks of ice, and carving smaller pieces and placing them on tables to be set for insertion into the larger work. Their tools start out with chainsaws and include handsaws, chisels, sandpaper, and even things like blow dryers or torches.

I walked over to the shelter housing the pairs sculptures to look at the work in progress. The carvers here are from places you'd expect- here in Canada and Europe- but also the unexpected, like Mauritius, Mexico,the Phillippines, and Iraq. I have more of this tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ice Cold Wonders

Here we have the remainder of the small ice sculptures around the fountain at Confederation Park.

This is a larger ice sculpture, one that was completed before Winterlude got underway. It features a harness racing horse and driver. It turns out there is quite a history of harness racing on the ice in Canada, something I'll show in another post.

The Lord Elgin Hotel is one of the hotels officially involved in the event, and is situated across from the west side of Confederation Park. Each year it features a bench carved of ice for photo ops.

It also features ice sculptures at its front entrance.